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 Buddie BIG Facts: Brian Kemp's desperate attempts to buy votes in Georgia

It's no secret that the republican party hasn't had a forward-thinking agenda that benefits the common Americans (now known as middle and low economic class citizens) since July 30th, 2007 when the Department of Housing and urban development was finally removed from the government's "GAO List" (a list of potential government programs that are deemed "high risk" in wasteful spending and may be subject to cancellation) after being on said list for high risk since 1994. 

Since then, after President Obama was elected into office, the republican party (specifically Mitch McConnell) has been known to block so many democratic agendas, he's even been known to have mistakenly blocked some of his own agendas as a result of such blind judgment. Once Donald Trump was elected into office, most news and information networks thought it to be wise to place his promises to the American people under a microscope and track his progress in these agendas so that he may be held accountable for his words. According to the New York Times, "Tracking Trump’s Agenda, Step by Step" article of 2018, trump as well as the republican party weren't able to pass a single agenda that actually benefited Americans within the socioeconomic 80th percentile. Yet republicans had zero issues when passing a bill that cut taxes for individuals (temporary) and businesses (permanently). This also brings to mind the event where a majority of House Republicans voted against healthcare for veterans suffering from toxicity from burn pits and were seen on camera high-fiving one another as a result of the bill being discarded. Late-night talk show host John Stewart found this to be most appalling as he gave a public speech on the brazen audacity of those who claim "America First" but deny the brave men and women who fought for this country the benefit of tomorrow through denial of healthcare...

‘If This Is America First, Then America Is F—ked!’ Jon Stewart Blasts GOP Over Vote Against Vets

 This brings us to the state of the Republican party and more specifically its Republican member, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp. In a recent agenda erected by president Joe Biden, states within the U.S were to start receiving funding to help deal with the cost of rising inflation, some states have even gone as far as utilizing their own means of funding to provide to their citizens to help deal with inflation. In the state of Georgia however, funding from these programs which are meant to ease the financial burden of rising inflation has been at best poorly distributed as well as poorly received amongst the low economic citizens of Georgia. Governor Brian Kemp has issued that individuals receiving government assistance such as SNAP (EBT government assistance) will receive a debit credit of $350 to help lighten their burdens. But here's the catch. None of the funds available to you through this program can be transferred to a bank account, can be used to pay personal debts, nor does it have the ability to give its owner "cash back" when making a purchase in-store.

 But making in-store purchases is also another headache that proves just how out of touch Governor Brian Kemp is with the common American receiving government assistance, because in order to make an in-store purchase, you'll have to download either Google or Samsung pay, link to the card to your new Google or Samsung pay account and pay for your purchases in store by waving your phone over the credit card machine when prompted. Because of this overtly unnecessary measure, many elderly low economic citizens have been left scratching their heads when attempting to understand how to access these funds for their needs.

 Most of the elderly aren't sure how to access certain parts of the internet, let alone create new digital wallets to store their funds and link debit cards to them as well. So where does this leave our vulnerable and technologically disadvantaged citizens of Georgia? Then there are those who have the knowledge and ability to do all these things. Access their funds, create new accounts, and link bank cards, but then there is the matter of technical support. Does the phone you use have the capabilities and components to perform swipe pay at a debit machine? If you have something as simple as or eimular to the Samsung Galaxy A10e, then the answer is no... In order to perform such an act, your phone would have to be equipped with a specific chip that allows its users to do so. So what of those who are unable to do so due to their lack of access to better technology? After all, these are our socioeconomic disadvantaged citizens... 

you are however allowed to link the card information given by the Georgia Department of Human Services to your cash app account but sadly enough, that is the extent to which you can use your allowed funds because you can't make a purchase in public using your cash app debit card with your card synced and you can't send money to a friend or loved one. The idea is to prevent theft but in retrospect, all someone would need is your client ID and your date of birth to access your funds without restrictions, the elderly are especially susceptible to this level of theft as most not only do not regularly use the internet and or don't know that they have $350 allowed to them by their local government, but also because some elderly may have others who are more handy-capable than they are who will or are assigned to take care of their shopping needs, granting these personnel access to their EBT card so that their helpers can purchase food on their behalf.

 This can cause or lead those who were meant to help the elderly to steal from them without them knowing. There is also an issue of remaining funds. Since the funds given can only be used via internet purchase and or electric phone device and cannot be transferred to any account in any way, it begs to question of what happens to the rest of the government-granted funds once you reach an amount in your account that you can't logically spend on anything on the internet or in person? As an example, we can say the lowest amount of money someone could spend on the internet for something would be about $5. And if making a purchase in person, the lowest amount of money you'd spend would perhaps be $1 plus tax. According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, approximately 1,640,500 Georgia residents (15% of the Georgia population) are currently receiving EBT government assistance. If the entire population receiving EBT benefits were able to access and send the majority of their funds, there would still be a remaining $5-$1 balance in each individuals account. Using simple math, you can calculate that leaves a balance of $8,202,500 - $1,640,500 (roughly estimated) of remaining funds meant to beifit the disadvantaged Americans of Geogia. so where does the rest of that funding go? 

According to Brian Kemp's official reelection campaign website, there is no mention of a plan moving forward with the remaining funds from the government assistance program but in my humble opinion. Since it had been reported that Brett Favre, a well-known Republican, and athlete, had taken funding meant for sociological disadvantaged Americans for his own personal agendas, I for one have recently become distrustful of the way the republican party handles funding meant for the American people.

New details in welfare scandal involving former NFL QB Brett Favre | ABCNL

ABC News legal contributor Brian Buckmire breaks down new developments in the alleged misappropriation of millions of dollars in welfare funds in America's poorest state.

 What do you think about Brian Kemp's attempts and more so, what are your thoughts on the current state of the Republican party and their agenda to supposedly put "Americans first"? Please comment below, I'd like to hear your thoughts... -Buddieizreal.

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