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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

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 NuPoint Social Media is a Social Media platform that focuses on the authenticity of audience presence through the verification of each individual account via driver's license and or state or province-certified ID number. This will create and ensure a social media environment of Internet accountability as no fake, bot, or unverified accounts will have the capacity or access to do anything more than spectate for a period of 30 days. This will also ensure to our platform's advertisers that their ads are being published in front of real people as their advertisement budget will not be spent on notifications to a fictitious account (accounts that aren't real people). This platform also incorporates the authenticity of each individual account to combat the spread of "Fake News" and the prevention of "Troll Farms", this will essentially give the power of the word featuring public opinion back to the people.

Fake News Explained: How Disinformation Spreads

Technology has brought us to a point where we can no longer believe everything we hear, read or even see. In this era of information disorder, Global News explains how we can navigate the pollution of information out there and avoid being duped by 'Fake News'.

Check out the full article and support our efforts on KickStarter.com. This project is brought to you by Buddieizreal and the LAM Organization for Disaster Relief, a nonprofit organization registered with the state of Georgia that provides funding to disaster situations such as UNICEF and Saint Jude's Children's Hospital. Your Support is in Good Faith for a Better Tomorrow... -Buddieizreal.🖤

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